Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering

Faculty and Research Field


Professors Research Field
Chun-Ping Chen Microwave/THz/Light-wave circuit, UWB wireless communication, Wireless power transfer, Dielectric measurement and High-frequency/High-speed Signal Processing
Hirotsugu Kinoshita Information Security, Digital Archives
Takahiro Saito Image Information Engineering, Image Electronics, Applied Mathematics for Signal and Information Analysis, Image Processing
Takeshi Shima Electronic Circuits
Shinji Shinnaka Motor Drives
Hisamichi Toyoshima Digital Circuits, High-frequency Circuits, Signal Processing and Intelligent Optimization Algorithms
Masato Noto Intelligent Informatics, Systems and Information Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
Nobuyuki Matsuki Energy Conversion Devices, Thin-film Electronic Materials, Solid-state Electronics
Kazumitsu Matsuzawa Communication Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
Akiyoshi Nakayama Superconducting Devices
Shigeo Yamaguchi Materials Science and Engineering
Takenobu Tsuchiya Applications of Ultrasonic Measurement Technology, Medical Ultrasonics, Underwater Acoustics
Kazuyuki Matsuda Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Magnetic Resonance Experiments, Molecular Simulations
Tadahisa Tamura Radiation detection, Astroparticle Physics
Akinori Nishino Quantum Physics and Condensed-Matter Theory
Yoshiyuki Usami Biophysics, Mathematical Biology, Nonlinear Physics, Hydrodinamics, Neural Network, AI, Deep Learning